Drive more traffic to your website, using Tozoy’s comment plugin


Tozoy recently launched plugins for webmasters that helps them in getting more traffic on their websites and more user engagement.

Tozoy’s comment plugin is different from all other comments plugin, because it asks user opinion before they comment on a page. We are focused on better stats for every relevant topic users can cast their opinion to. Thus if users like/dislike a page, they can share their opinion directly from any website.

share feedback for a page using

At the same time for each page user share their opinion on any website, an individual page at Tozoy is also created, where users can follow that page as well. Users can interact with each other directly from any website which has Tozoy’s comment plugin.

If a webmaster doesn’t wish to put the comment plugin, but still want their users to give their feedback, then they can simply put a “Feedback Button“, which will take users to Tozoy and they can share their feedback.

Our feedback and comment plugins lets user know that what kind of people are liking their pages, male to female ratio, country wise stats etc.

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All these plugins are full customizable, no coding experience required and a minimal code is required to put in your webpage.

Share your feedback about any webpage via

0 is all about sharing your opinion about any topic of your interest. You can create polls, give your feedback, interact with other users and discuss on practically any topic.

Our feedback mechanism is different from others because, the questions we ask or let anyone else ask are close ended.

Close ended questions helps user in proper stats and info.

Apart from topics of your choice, Tozoy now lets users share their feedback about webpages. Users can submit any webpage and share their opinion.

share feedback for a page using

There are couple of ways, Tozoy lets users share their feedback for a webpage:

  • Submit directly by logging into Tozoy and add a page at:
  • Use Feedback button that webmasters can put on their website, that lets their users share a page directly from their websites.
  • Using our browser extensions. Tozoy’s browser extension lets users share pages directly from any page. Learn More

Welcome to the new Xlratech


Welcome to the new Xlratech Software Systems. For a long time we were involved with other projects and now we are back with some exciting stuff. We will keep posted with all new exciting stuff we are doing!!